1. The register holder, according to GDPR is Rumpumestari sole proprietor, at Koskustentie 1115, 16280 Kuivanto (later referred to as „Register holder“);

2. Register holders contact information is: tel. 040652641

3. Personal information includes all information, that are related to an identified or possibly to be identified person. 

Source of personal information

1. Register holder handles information given with the customers approval, which have been gathered by agreement to make and fulfill webshop electrical order. 

2. Register holder will only handle the information that is necessary to identify and contact the customer when handling the purchases from the webshop.

3. Register holder will handle personal information for sending purchased goods and accounting purposes, as well as giving and getting information with the parties of the contract as long as Finnish consumer law allows to. Personal information will not be published. 

The meaning of handling information

The register holder will handle the Customer's information: 

1. To register to home page according GDPR chapter 4 section 2 

2. The electric order the customer creates (name, address, e-mail, telephone number) 

3. According to the law and orders about contract between Customer and Register Holder 

4. Personal information is necessary to fulfill the purchase agreement. The agreement can not be fulfilled without personal information. 

How long will personal information be saved for?

1. Register holder will save personal information as long as necessary due to the rights and duties resulting from the agreement between the Register Holder and the Customer, and three years after this agreement has ended. 

2. The Register Holder must remove all personal information after the three years time stated above. 

Receivers and handlers of personal information 

Third parties handling the Customer's personal information are subcontractors to Register Holder. These subcontractors' services are necessary to fulfill the agreement between the Register Holder and the Customer about handling and delivering the order. 

Subcontractors of The Register Holder are: 

  • Webnode AG (webshop supplier);
  • cargo company;
  • Google Analytics (homepage analytics);

Customer's rights

According to the regulation it is Customer's right to:

1. see their personal information that has been gathered;

2. correct the personal information that has been gathered;

3. ask and get personal information removed;

4. object handling their personal information;

5. have their information moved;

6. withdraw their consent to handle their personal information in writing either by mail or sending an e-mail to:;

7. make a complaint to a regulating authority, in case there is suspicion that this commandment has been violated.

Safety of personal information

1. The Register Holder commits to proceed with the technical and organisational precautions necessary to keep personal information safe. 

2. The Register Holder has made technical precautions to make sure the data would be safe, especially by making sure the access to a computer is only with a password, used an antivirus program and maintained the computers regularly. 


1. By making an electric order from webshop, the Customer confirms to be aware of these conditions about personal information, and accepts them in full. 

2. The Customer accepts these regulations by choosing so in the ordering form. 

3. The Register Holder can update there regulations any time. Updated version will be published on this website. 

August 24th 2023